Surviving 2018… (Tips from a BPD!)

So, I guess you must be thinking about 2018? The sky is the limit, right? You can be whatever you want to be? And the thing is I think that we can, but, in time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We live in an age of constant digital revolution and development that alters our pace of time continuously. The way we communicate has changed and there is constant pressure all around to show colleagues, or others (perhaps by use of social media) that we are growing as people and becoming more successful, accomplishing our resolutions and moving on to bigger and better things. But, social media rarely shows things for what they actually really are; they rarely give us the 365-degree perspective on whatever we are looking at. SM is too often used as promotional tools for self-promotion and business promotion.Why expect the impossible from ourselves in little or no time? Aren’t we setting ourselves up for a huge failure?

Our world will never be built in a year. Our true aspirations never fulfilled in 365 days. The first steps towards a accomplishing a personal resolution or promise might take a couple of months to accomplish. But, let us try to ensure that they are sturdy, forward looking, steps, taken with care – and that they have the possibility of ultimately directing us to new and better places.


Every Single Day

The success of 2018 is as much as for the very first day as the last, and for every single day in-between.

Your first feat might be as unassuming as preparing your bed for the next night. Your next feat, a featured promise to yourself regarding January the 2nd. To live well, is to live for each day as it comes; and for those of us who live with mental health conditions like Depression, Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder, you will know only too well how wildly different 2 days can feel. Days are’t the real struggle then, moments and minutes become unbearable.

Every single day is part process of our own development. Being compassionate, ceasing the moment and doing all that we do in a thoughtful manner could very well change our lives for the better.


In 2018, let time be our friend not our ‘Everest’ – the daunting and insurmountable resolution list we so positively wrote to ourselves New Year’s Eve. Let every single day mark a difference.Let us think not in yearly terms, but in moments and then in days.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yet, we expect the unthinkable from ourselves in terms of our human development in little or no time at all.

We were born to live, and to live different with every breath. Yet, time is so often the villain – we never seem to have enough of it, expect when we are clinically ill; we then feel we have too much of it and can’t bear to face it or life.

I wonder if we lived each day compassionately believing it made a difference to the next (without worrying what 5/6 months down the road will bring) if our emotional development would be greatly advanced? Perhaps 2018 can be my test tube for that!

2018 can be a year of change as opposed to being the year that makes us or breaks us or ‘The S*@t year that we want to leave behind.’ It can can be the year that sparks an understanding that life and our greatest resolutions/ goals can and will very often, take much more than a single year to accomplish.

Perhaps the real winners, aren’t those who ‘take it all’ at the end of the year, but rather, the one’s that choose to give 2018 something back, knowing  that in doing so that they might not accomplish all their own resolutions but that they have tried to instigate change, help communities and the disadvantaged. After all, 2019 will soon be here and we can think about more accomplishments!


I’m hoping you have a great, peaceful and prosperous New Year and thank you very much for your kind and continuous support throughout 2017!

Malan x

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  1. Cam-ddeall wnes i am “BPD”, meddyliais am ei fod yn bi-polar disorder yn hytrach na borderline personality disorder…


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