Sharing our MH experiences …

Last night, I had very little sleep. I was up and wired for the greater part of the early hours and saw from 2am straight through to 7:30. And I got thinking. I know, I should not think deeply. Not during dark and sleepless hours, at least. But, there was nothing else to do. So, I got stuck into it. 


I got thinking about how much of our MH experience we should share? Can we answer such a question definitively? Is there such a thing as sharing too much? How can we be honest and share our experiences whilst also taking measures to protect ourselves? Is such a thing even possible? 


On some days, I feel it’s totally within my grasp and I’m in control of it all. In control of what I share, where and when. But, on other days, especially during nights like last night I feel like everything is beyond my control and that I’ve shared too much of my life already. So, what am I to do now? I cannot turn the clock back, make a U turn or start to erase my blotched scrapbook. 


So, why do I share? And what do I like/dislike about sharing MH experience online? 


What I like about sharing….


  • It prompts honesty and acceptance of a situation
  • It Inspires support and open discussion 
  • It helps yourself and potentially, others


What I dislike about sharing…


  • It’s out there. The universe owns it. It cannot be deleted
  • Opening myself up to exposure when feeling fragile
  • It magnifies successes and failures in a very public realm


Regular readers will know that I share thoughts and experiences, despite the risks. At the beginning, sharing was about getting the word out. Now, it feels different. It feels at times as if I’m losing a part of myself when I share personal experiences.


Imagine a stranger running away with your life in his hands. Sharing feels like that. I’m not so sure the impulse to share is coming from such a healthy and great place at times- it’s coming from a place of habit and necessity. Sharing should not be a necessity; it should be a conscious choice. 


Honesty is pretty much all we have in this journey called life. Sharing our experiences is what makes our paths twist or twine together and then separate for a brief while. That for sure, is valuable. We should not really feel ashamed of sharing, right?  That said, I’ve found it is *not always* for the best.


Maybe, I should stop for a while and consider why I’m sharing certain things and more importantly, can I cope with what I’ve decided share? It might offer over all hope to individuals going through similar battles – but it might also be detrimental to my own growth – making it difficult for me to find ways out of crisis. 

Sharing, I have discovered is a double-edged sword. And, as long as we understand this, perhaps we can protect ourselves when we are in the most vulnerable of places. 

 Favourite Tweet:

@agnesbookbinder That fragile part -sometimes, it needs protecting. But when we feel brave & strong? It’s good to take chances with it.


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  1. To me, even though it opens up fragility, sharing is important. I’ve shared before, and regretted it later. But with regret comes acceptance. And we need to accept who we are. Mental health should not define us, but sharing that part of ourselves makes us vulnerable, and in my view, leads to making us stronger. The person willing to lay themselves raw in front of others is a brave one indeed. All credit to you. Respect, girl.


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