Why I’m participating in the Caernarfon 5k …



A massive thanks to all who have sponsored me to participate in the Caernarfon 5k – I’m doing it in memory of my mother that I sadly lost when I was 17. All donations go to Cancer Research and the race takes place a week today. I know it’s a fun race and there’s no real pressure, but 2 months in hospital hasn’t done a lot for my confidence in terms of personal fitness. I have struggled with my weight for quite some time. My struggle with depression has seen me inactive (unable to exercise) for quite some time and lots of the mental health/psych drugs (anti-depressant/anti-psychotic drugs) that I have to take daily are weight gain drugs so it really is an up-hill battle. I have walked 28 miles in the last week since leaving hospital in preparation for the race, so I’m taking the challenge and your donations serious!

DIOLCH / Thank you xx



Mam – Sian Vaughan Wilkinson 

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  1. Dyna hi, Sian, gweld y wyneb yn anghloi cofion ei gweld yn cerdded o gwmpas tre’r Cofis nol yn y 90au.


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