Back on home ground …

I apologize for the delay in writing. Yesterday, writing felt impossible. It was my first real full day out of hospital and I felt a bit lost in the middle of it all. I had a bath and that was pretty much it! Stepping back into home life after hospital can be very tiring and yesterday, I felt exhausted.

Today, I woke up to a wonderful sunny day after a comfortable night (in my own bed!) and then I took my pills (which I still find quite a dutiful task). This morning, I had Amigo, my sister’s dog keep me company whilst I swallow them and that helped a little. I’m never really alone, which is a good thing. I then walked to the nearest supermarket thumbnail_FullSizeRenderbefore doing some shopping and walking back. I don’t like supermarkets. I’ve never liked them to be honest, but after coming back from hospital this time, they seem to bother me even more, they make me feel dizzy, stressed and hot and bothered. Not good combinations on any levels! Anyway, I managed the task – so it’s a thumbs up, I suppose.

I then walked Wini for an hour in the afternoon sun and asked a friend if she cared to join me. Walking with human company is always a pleasure and Wini was above herself at the opportunity. It’s been a longtime since we’ve managed to walk together and enjoy quality moments together. She still has an obsession with bikes and I’m working with her to try to master keep moving forward when fast bikes pass. At the moment, she tries to catch them up whilst they fly in the opposite direction!

Wini Lwyd – Catching zzz after the walk 

I know that it doesn’t seem I’ve done a whole lot since I’m home, but I’ve done as much as I feel I can. I still need to unpack all my hospital belongings which are still in bags up in my room and am dreading the whole process, although it will have to be done sooner rather than later. I also need to clear my bedroom from top to bottom (ruthlessly) and sort all my clothes out before summer. I know I’ll  feel better a having done so!

My aim in the coming weeks is to create a healthy lifestyle routine that can support me well on the cocktail of tablets that I’m on. I’m aiming to find a middle ground that can allow me to flourish in a stable way, so that I can move on in a calm and balanced way with the rest of my life. I’m aiming to complete 7k-10k steps a day whilst coupling it with a healthy diet, less sugar and starchy food. Today, I managed 8,200 and hopefully by the end of the day, it will be set at a thousand plus. We shall watch this space! Lots of people believe that exercise and walking can be beneficial to mental health, I think that now is a great time to give it some time and effort!


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