The Culinary delights of Hergest

  1. thumbnail_IMG_2368.jpg1. Number one on the list of daily treats, the 85ml ‘for hospital use only’ Healthcare Pure Orange Juice. Offered with every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. My system has never had so much vitamin C in it, I think I might have OD on it. I should also add that there are tea and coffee making facilities available along with water. But, Juice definitely wins the day as it’s served with ever single meal without fail. Occasionally, on very special occasions it seems –‘for hospital use only’ 85ml Apple Juice is served, but this is a rarity. These small cartons cannot easily be opened, one is pushed at all occasions to revert to stabbing behaviour at the table.
  2. thumbnail_IMG_23312. Potatoes come in all forms here. Every menu contains some variety of potato. They are creamed, chipped, roasted and baked. Carbohydrates ‘r us There place on the menu is legendary – they simply cannot be challenged.
  3. 3. Egg Sandwich – In Hergest currency they are GOLD . The only edible sandwich on the menu. They contend with cheese, cheese pickle, tuna, turkey and salmon but win hands down. They are the only sandwiches never left unloved in the fridge. The rest are all dry in comparison.
  4. 4. Afternoon Cake – The smallest of portions. These cakes represent a tiny bite of heaven. Bakewell slices, lemon drizzle cake and country slices. Highlight of the afternoon at 3pm.
  5. 5. Porridge – Oaty goodness is the only hot option in the morning. Branflakes, Weetabix and Corn Flakes pale by comparison. Only the ‘hardcores’ here get up for breakfast (I’m not of them!) But miracles do happen … watch this space!

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