5 powerful thoughts that help me deal with depression …

Encouraging statements by some people who try to help us when we’re experiencing distress can sometimes make us actually feel worse. Certain statements can sound too simplistic if not a little derogatory and insencere. Here are 5 simple but powerful thoughts that help me in my daily battle with depression. Hope they help you too 🙂

1. Nothing lasts forever, although feelings might be altogether overwhelming at particular moments. It might not even help to say that ‘tomorrow is a new day’ (this statement nearly always makes me feel that my present feelings are being invalidated). The truth is that nothing lasts forever. Things will change; even if does take a while. If we can hang on in there in the meantime and and be kind to ourselves, it surely helps.

2. You don’t have to fulfil the impossible to be worth something. Actually, you’re enough exactlty as you are. If you’re working towards something, do remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Having confidence in own ability to step forward in small, deliberate but gentle steps help.

3. The spectrum. Sometimes, depression can blind us. We see only the black and white in all that we do and feel. Don’t give yourself a tough time fighting that, just know when you come through the darkness –  you will see all the colours of the spectrum – and a whole deal brighter.

4. Don’t suffer in silence. Share, if you can – with a supportive friend or family member. A problem halved is a problem shared.

5. When life’s pace gets too much, remember that you can do something really powerful –  STOP. Take a step back, self-soothe re-evaluate and re-schedule.

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